Mission Statement

Fans For Fair Play (FFFP) has been formed to challenge Bruce Ratner’s Brooklyn Atlantic Yards project.

Team Ratner’s condescension toward sports fans is clear. By stitching together a few Brooklyn Nets jerseys, having Bernard King show up at a press conference, and cloaking their scheme in syrupy Brooklyn Dodgers nostalgia, they believe we’ll fall for a ruse using the seduction of a pro-sports team in order to build a massive real-estate/commercial development.

…a development that will never provide jobs, housing or new opportunities for Brooklynites who most need them.

Made up of sports fans from all walks of life, FFFP takes great exception to the conventional wisdom that says fans wholly support the Ratner project. How can anybody, let alone sports fans, support an initiative that will hand over hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to a wealthy sports owner while destroying Brooklyn neighborhoods and unethically evicting over 1,000 people from their homes and jobs?

We can’t, and we won’t. It’s that simple.

As support for BAY erodes on a daily basis, Team Ratner desperately needs sports fans to blindly support the arena. FFFP will do all it can to withhold the endorsement Bruce & Co so dearly covet.

We are also concerned about the rush to the public trough by other New York area sports teams, from the Jets on Manhattan's West Side, to demands for new homes for the Mets, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers.

There are countless ways we can make a difference: phone calls to team owners…letters to newspaper sports desks throughout the country…conversations with fellow fans the next time you attend a game…speaking out over the air with sports-talk radio…challenges to local politicians aren’t expecting sports fans to take an interest…kibitzing at work, at the pub, on the subway, wherever and whenever Ratner’s land-grab and destruction of Brooklyn comes up.

…and it’s coming up all the time, as more and more people are seeing clearly his “vision” for Brooklyn.

If you want to be involved with FFFP’s struggle, contact us, show up for the next event, or just start spreading the news.