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Challenging Bruce Ratner’s Brooklyn Atlantic Yards project

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Well, here's something no-one else is doing...a blog.

No one can accuse Fans For Fair Play of being cutting-edge hipsters. But we know a good way to get the word out when we see it.

There used to be a shop in Prospect Heights called 99 Cents More And Less. That pretty much covered their pricing policy. You couldn't be disappointed.

That's how this thing's gonna be. I'll post here daily more and less.

The thing with the Ratner arena project is that there's something new everyday...comments from officials, letters to the editor, revelations, obfuscations, angry ideas, victories and defeats of every size and shape.

And then, like Coney Island cotton candy, it's gone like that and the next day's issue pushes to the forefront.

Come back day after day, see what's new in the convoluted and byzantine world of fighting Bruce Ratner's arena project, post your own observations.

This blog is set apart because it's coming at you from Fans For Fair Play's perspective -- the Ratner arena issue through the filter of sports fans who stand opposed to the project. You don't have to be a sports fans to join in. Everyone's welcome. But because of our group's reason-for-being -- to counter the belief that sports fans are all beer-drinkin' apolitical couch potatoes -- this blog'll come at it from that perspective.

There are other places to get similar information. You can link to a lot of 'em at www.fansforfairplay.com/links.html.

We'll keep pluggin' away...don't forget, in this case, "blog" stands for Bruce Loathes Our Group.

We wouldn't have it any other way.
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